20 Jul 2012

CONCEPTUAL KLT joins Future ICT EU Flagship Project

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CONCEPTUAL KLT joins FutureICT EU Flagship Project

Santander 19th July 2012



The ultimate goal of the FuturICT flagship project is to understand and manage complex, global, socially interactive systems, with a focus on sustainability and resilience. Revealing the hidden laws and processes underlying societies probably constitutes the most pressing scientific grand challenge of our century and is equally important for the development of novel robust, trustworthy and adaptive information and communication technologies (ICT), based on socially inspired paradigms. Who is involved:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Centers and other Scientific Organizations
  • Supercomputing Centers
  • Business and Industrial Partners
  • Notable Individuals
  • Arts Centers
  • Government Agencies
  • Political Organizations
  • Countries
  • Institutions Offering Matching Funds
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